A [Basic] Statistical Breakdown of MNUFC’s First Four Matches

At this point in the 2023 campaign MNUFC has played four matches, amassing a 2-2-0 record with 8 points and no losses. Minnesota has matched their 2022 start in the first four matches, however now they look to avoid a three match skid like the one that befell last year’s side. Now let’s take a quick look at Adrian Heath’s squad and how they are performing, in raw numbers, at this point in 2023.


Offence is a facet of the game that Minnesota United has always seemed to struggle with since moving to MLS, but they still get into the mid- to upper-table in points (goals + assists). Regardless of whom is brought in by Adrian Heath to play up top, it always seems that a wing or midfielder leads the club in scoring. That seemed to change last year with forwards Emanuel Reynoso and Luis Amarilla combining for 19 goals last season. So far in 2023, while the sample size is small, forwards Mender Garcia and Luis Amarilla have three of four goals scored.

Those four goals have MNUFC ranked 7th in total points and 15th in goals, while only six teams have fewer assists than Minnesota. The Loons’ total xG over the season is 4.1, showing that while they aren’t underperforming, they aren’t really outperforming expectations for the team. Recent acquisition, forward Sang-bin Jeong, is expected to make a big impact.


Through four matches Minnesota United is ranked third best in goals against, having only allowed three goals in those four matches. Dayne St. Clair has started in three and has picked up a single clean sheet to this point. Backup keeper Clint Irwin has a slightly higher save percentage than DSC at 80% compared to DSC’s 75%, however Irwin has only played one match. Between Minnesota’s keepers they have been performing above expectations with allowing only 3 goals on a 5.2 combined opponent expected goals.

Along with the Loons allowing minimal goals they are having minimal fouls called against them, committing the third lowest amount of fouls in the league. On the flip side of that they have had the seventh lowest amount of fouls suffered.

Wrapping Up:

At this point in the season, the only conclusions we can draw from these numbers are that, outside of the offence scoring as expected, the defence is still playing as we have known them to since joining MLS, and the goalkeepers are continuing to perform above expectations. This is mostly good news for Minnesota, outside of one category.

The Loons are one of the worst passing teams in Major League Soccer. Minnesota United has both the lowest amount of completed passes and attempted passes resulting in the second lowest passing percentage in MLS. MNUFC’s 67.1% passing is higher than only New York Red Bulls 64.9%. While Minnesota has never been one of the best passing teams in the league, this is dreadfully low in comparison to previous seasons that hovered in the mid 70’s on average.

We’ll do a much more detailed breakdown after Minnesota has played their five games in April. Then, every four to five games after, we’ll look back in much more detail on how the club is performing through numbers on a larger scale.