Northland Media to turn non-profit, lighting a path for greater LGBTQ and Female representation in sports media

Hello Everyone,

Today is a very special day for us here at Northland Media as it is the beginning of Pride Month. Many of us at Northland Media are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and those that are not are fierce allies. Northland Media (and predecessor E Pluribus Loonum) have been female and queer led for most of its history. For years we have strived to provide quality soccer content and we have had the pleasure of helping develop the next generation of writers. Former staff have gone on to write and edit for publications large and small, in Minnesota and beyond. This is something that we all take great pride in and since going independent in 2023 have been looking at how we can continue and grow these focuses.

That brings us to today’s announcement. Northland Media LLC will be transitioning from an LLC to a nonprofit. Our goal is simple, to help develop and promote more female and LGBTQIA+ voices in sports writing, photography, and any other areas we can with our platforms.

Northland Soccer Journal is one of many independent soccer outlets in the US that grew from women and LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized voices looking for a foothold in sports media. We’ve found each other and lifted one another in these spaces over the years and want to keep growing it and finding those opportunities for others and this is a major step forward in making that happen.” – Bridget McDowell, editor Northland Soccer Journal

“My goal operating this organisation has never been to make a profit or money for myself or any corporation. My biggest love is teaching, training, and developing people and seeing them move to bigger and better things. This change will not only help our long term viability but will also allow us to push forward on our purpose. I cannot describe how elated I am for the future” – Ashle Paige, owner Northland Media LLC

Northern Lights Football grew out of a need to cast light on matches and athletes who have been hidden from the brighter lights of the professional game, whilst following a solidarity principle of amplifying writers whose voices have often been lost amidst the megaphone discourse of the largest sports media outlets. Nothing about us, without us, is a major commitment and one which I can see continuing to be reflected in our actions.” – Tim Abbott, editor Northern Lights Football

Effective immediately our current management team will all assume positions on the new Board of Directors. Editors Bridget McDowell and Tim Abbott have accepted their invitations to the board. Current owner Ashle Paige has also accepted her invitation and has been named Executive Director by unanimous decision of the new board. She will primarily lead the day to day business operations of the new foundation, while also continuing as a contributor. As the foundation and sites expand, the board will also expand as well.

We are aiming for this transition to be completed no later than January 1st, 2025, though this could be earlier depending on our finances. We will be extremely open and transparent throughout this process, sharing as much as we can to keep everyone updated.

For now you can help financially support us by subscribing to our Patreon, purchasing merchandise, or simply making a one time donation to us. We hope everyone has a happy, safe, and wonderful Pride Month. Please remember you are loved and you are valid.


Northland Media leadership team
Ashle Paige, Bridget McDowell, and Tim Abbott